About: Not So Fast

I use glass as a medium to express my complicated feelings about motherhood and the fear,  fragility, beauty and intensity present within relationships; be it with my children, my family or myself. In my ongoing efforts to express these experiences and to challenge societal roles, I've looked to elaborate on my interest in objects by including multimedia such as wax, thread and video as a means to communicate lived experience with time and imagery.  The juxtaposition of these very different mediums helps me to explore qualities of repitition, light, temporalness and fragility in the hope of expressing human experiences.

"... working with glass and transforming it to the most fragile pieces of gossamer thread over and over. Breaking them in maddening moments of carelessness- feeling clumsy, then making more over and over and over. Hanging the glass pieces and being pleased. Admiring the sheer beauty of the glass but trying to make it better. A futile act that only makes it all more fragile.  Breaking the glass again and starting the whole process over……......this is being a parent"

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